Who am I?


My engineering path started at a young age with Legos, wooden guns, and cart made out of a wheelbarrow. Followed by robot cell for soft drinks dispensing and ideas about 3D chocolate printer and pancakes by the yard.


I like growing plants. From seeds. Few specimens: mango, avocado, pineapple (plants and fruits), date palm, eucalyptus, bananas, kumquat,... The ultimate goal: to grow a cocoa tree!


As in a mechanical design and a 3D modelling. And a vector design. My motto: figures need to be pretty!

Who am II?


Bike = freedom! No matter how much rain comes down! First love was an old Rog bicycle of my grandfather. Which was followed by a metallic green cruiser with solar powered lights and umbrella holder. Pimpfixing bikes is as much fun as riding them. Next item on the list is an analogue speedometer.


Ecology. Be green. Wood. On every step. Like wooden watch. And ukulele.


Singing. Music. Sounds. Bubble wraps. RC operated helicopters. Kites. Cooking. Cakes. Swiss army knife. Gadgets of any kind.